My name is Lauren Edgerton, owner and driver for Lauren Edgerton Racing.  Unlike many, I do not come from a racing family.  I fell in love with racing the first time I sat in a go-kart, and ever since then I have molded my life to make racing possible.

      After a couple years in the go-kart, I purchsed a u-car to run at Langley Speedway and Southside Speedway for the 2007 season.  The first half of my rookie year did not go well because we had, with our lack of experience, purchased an inadequate car.  My second time out in a capable car at Southside Speedway brought my first win and my absolute determination to succeed in racing.  Fast-forward to 2009, I won U-car Rookie of the Year, Track Rookie of the Year, finished second in points by only one position, and hold the qualifying track record for the u-car division for the rules at that time  at East Carolina Motor Speedway.  In 2010 at Shenandoah Speedway I won the U-car Championship, Driver of the Year, and Sportsman of the Year, as well as nine out of fifteen points races.

     While racing every chance I could get, I was also excelling in school.  In 2008, I graduated with a 4.46 GPA and was able to enter college as a sophmore at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Only three years later, I graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  In my spare time, I worked with late model and modified teams to gain knowledge and experience working on cars in upper divisions.  I wanted to learn as much as I could before making the huge jump to the modified division.

     In 2011, I debuted my #7 modified at Langley Speedway and Southside Speedway.  The transition from u-car to modified was difficult, but I was able to win Rookie of the Year at Southside Speedway.  In 2012, I won my first modified race at South Boston Speedway.   I have been focusing on racing at Southside Speedway the last couple of seasons, during which time I captured my first modified win there.

     While racing the modifieds, I began working with a NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour (NWSMT) team.  In 2016, I bought their car and made my first two starts on the tour at East Carolina and South Boston.  Over the off-season I completely rebuilt the car with plans to compete on the NWSMT full time in 2017.  When NASCAR merged the northern and southern tours, with all but a handful of races in the Northeast, my plans had to change.  I decided to still compete in the tour races at Langley and Charlotte Motor Speedway, even though it would be with the much more competitive northern tour.

    I am typically the only one who works on my cars, but I have been fortunate to have help with the set-up for the Southside car and motors so I can build them myself.  I believe the knowledge I gain working on the car better prepares me to communicate with my team and helps me make better decisions as a car owner.  With the improvements in handling at the end of 2017, resulting in a season-ending victory, I look forward to competing for the championship at Southside in 2018.
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